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Kylee Marie 2

Ham Radio is my hobby and joy. Check back soon and we should have the web site up and going.

Update, I havenít got a chance to finish up the web site. But that is because I have been busy with my new love of my life. I got a new girl friend. No No I am still married to my loving wife.

Me and my wife just received one of the greatest miracles in the world. Our first granddaughter.  Kylee Marrie was born 06-17-09  

Update 08/20/09 Whew I forgot how much those young ones need. BUT the great thing is spoil them and hand them back. WOOT!!

Update 09/27/09 Well good news. I have got my tower up and the ham shack started. So hope to be out on the waves soon. Surf by on national call (146.520), I am trying to work it some till I get the rest of the shack set up.

Donít forget Belton is Oct. 3 and 4 hope to see you there.

Update 10-05-09 Well back from Belton had a great time. hope everyone that went had a great time to. Picked up a few new toys nothing to big though. Now time to start back working on the ham shack. Got the tower up 60 foot now and only have 60 foot to go.
We should have the area repeater (147.280 +600 PL tone 123) back on line soon as we finish up the tower and fix the controller. If anyone has a RC-1000 out there with voice they want to let go of let me know.

10/18/09 Well we got the controller fixed and the repeater up temporary itís only up about 60 foot but we should have up about 140 foot in a few weeks.

02/06/10 New update we got the tower up to 125 foot and the GE exec II back in and working. We have also linked up with Franklin repeater (146.960) with a tone of 85.4 and we are also linking the Mexia repeater (145.390) with a tone of 123.0. Some time in the next couple of weeks we are going to try to move the tower on up to 160 foot.